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Why waste the paper that the phone company uses to make the tradition phone directory that we each get every year? With the advances in the internet, using an online phone book gives you the same information within seconds. Most will find it more convenient to type in the name online rather than searching through a huge stack of pages. With both pros and cons to online phone books, you must decide what will work best for you.

The best feature of the online phone book is the ease and control you have by entering the exact name and information that you want to search for. Here is a very useful communication site

. By avoiding the searching through pages of information, this will save you a great deal of time. You dont have to strain your eyes through the fine print because the online phone book will take you straight to the entry with a click of the button.

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Since the traditional phone book is organized by categories and the entry has to pay to be put into each category, you may find that the particular business you are looking for is not in the category that you expected. If you are looking under car repair for your favorite mechanics number, you may be surprised that it is not there. The mechanic who has to pay per line of description has listed his business under car inspection!

By listing the business under the different category, the mechanic did not have to include extra descriptions of his services in the paper phone book. Instead, the clients who had to have an inspection will learn about is repair services when the call or come in. The online phone book is detailed (you can use his exact business name) and targeted so that it does not cost the mechanic extra. We all benefit from this because we can find him, and he doesnt have to charge us more to afford to advertise.

Some online phone books give specific details about the business and include reviews from customers. The reviews help customers find the best services and products. These types of helpful details are never in a traditional phone book. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a business in an area that you are traveling to. Your local phone book will not provide numbers or details for cities outside of your local area.

Of course, there are drawbacks to the online phone books, too. The most obvious would be that you have to have access to the internet. Even if you create a desktop file of commonly used numbers, being at the computer may not be convenient. A hard copy of typically used numbers would be better.

Even though this seems inconvenient, it is not any more problematic than needed a traditional phone book and not having one handy since most of us do not carry one with us at all times. With the online phone book, finding phone numbers within your local area or in a planned destination is so easy that you may find you wont even be using your traditional paper phone book.

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